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A unique brand of drama and theatre work for young people

Since 1984 Graffiti Theatre Company has provided a unique brand of excellence in drama and theatre work for young people.

True to its original aims of educating through a vibrant theatre event framed and extended by top-quality educational materials the company has provided almost 100 productions to young people from early childhood to young adult.

Recent Productions

After Dark

By Mike Kenny

By moonlight the children listen to the sounds from the fairground. What if they went to explore? What if they solved the mystery behind the Ghost Train? What if they found out more than they bargained for...?

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By Angela Betzien

Two ‘Hoods’ ride the train each night to a wrecking yard on the outskirts of the city. Here in this cemetery of stories they are storytellers as they leap from one imaginary car wreck to another, acting out each vehicle's final moments with the power to fast-forward, pause and rewind.

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Jackie’s Day / Jackie

By Sarah Fitzgibbon

Jackie’s Day is a small group,child-centered interactive drama using specially made puppets. Is dráma agus ceardlann idirghníomhach aguspáiste-lárnach do ghrúpa beag é Jackie.

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Jackie's Day / Jackie

Blátha Bána – White Blossoms

An enchanting, beautiful piece of theatre designed for young children aged eighteen months to 3 years and their adults. Dírithe ar pháistí an-óga (ocht mí déag go trí bliana) agus a ndaoine fásta, tabharfaidh Blátha Bána/White Blossoms a lucht féachana óg ar thuras amharclainne atá físiúil agus fileata.

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Blátha Bána - White Blossoms

Where in the World is Frank Sparrow?

By Angela Betzien

A uniquely modern legend, Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? reinvents the hero’s journey for the 21st Century and propells its audience through the dangerous streets of Shadow City and into the dark underworld of change and transformation.

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Where In The World Is Frank Sparrow