Early Years

Here at Graffiti, we believe and rejoice in the rights of the young to have access to artistic events, both as audience and participants. To this end, we have been developing our work to reach even the youngest members of our communities.

This short film was produced for the second annual BEAG Seminar in June 2012. It gives an overview of the work of the BEAG team.



BEAG is a unique Early Years Arts programme that explores the endless possibilities of play, imagination, creativity and expression with and for children.

Through the innovative BEAG Pilot Project we investigated the practice of an integrated arts team working in an Early Years environment. The findings of this research project (see full text of the report below) indicated very strongly that this was a successful, effective mode of practice with high aesthetic values and great potential for expansion.

The project has now completed Phase III, with a vibrant new team of artists engaging in integrated arts team work as well as individual residencies and projects.

With the continued support from our funders HSE, Cork City Council and Cork County Council we are now in Phase IV September 2016-June 2017.

We are working with a skilled team of artists whose work is specifically focused towards developing a body of work  to engage with children from 0-3 years. We are also working on a research project and other exciting support projects for Early Years.

BEAG has previously participated in special projects including the Happy Talk literacy project in the Glen, and the ‘I See You, I Hear You’ Early Years Arts event in Dublin. BEAG has also hosted three special BEAG Seminars in City Hall to celebrate the project’s achievements and engage with other practitioners, educators and policy-makers in the field.

BEAG is currently creating over 1,500 artistic contacts with children and more with their childcare workers and, in some settings, with their parents in Cork County and City. BEAG is very passionate about the Early Years and the potential that can develop from exploring the Arts with children.

We are currently working on future development and explorations. If you want any further information on BEAG please contact us on graffiti.beag@gmail.com

Theatre piece for Young children aged eighteen months to three years.

Theatre piece for Young children aged eighteen months to three years.

Blátha Bána – White Blossoms

This was our first adventure into the exciting and challenging world of creating theatre for the very young. Blátha Bána – White Blossoms premiered in 2012 and has had three successful runs in our theatre, delighting very young audiences – and adults!

Blátha Bána is an enchanting, beautiful piece of theatre designed for young children aged six months to three years and their adults.

Dírithe ar pháistí an-óga (sé mhí go trí bliana) agus a ndaoine fásta, tabharfaidh Blátha Bána-White Blossoms a lucht féachana óg ar thuras amharclainne atá físiúil agus fileata.

For many members of the audience this will be their very first experience of theatre. We consider it our special responsibility to present to the children a theatrical experience of beauty in a gentle, enchanting world.

Blátha Bána – White Blossoms weaves Fiona Kelleher’s ethereal music through a mystical visual landscape created by Deirdre Dwyer. Actor Una Kirwan personifies the spirit of the story.

Fréamhaithe i saibhreas teanga agus suaimhneas timpeallachta, tá draíocht-dhráma ilchéadfaíoch cruthaithe ag Graffiti Theatre Company a mheallfaidh páistí óga agus a gcúramóirí.

Graffiti Theatre Company has devised this unique performance over the course of three years, inspired by legend, poetry and song in Irish and English.

Tá sé de chúram againn samhlaíocht na bpáistí a spreagadh agus a chothú leis an léiriú álainn seo.

Directed by/Stiúrthóirí: Emelie FitzGibbon agus Síle Ní Bhroin.


The process of creating Graffiti’s first full-scale professional production for Early Years was a long and creatively fascinating one. We took great care to respond to the needs of our very particular young audience. We have compiled the artists’ documentation from our lengthy and fascinating Blátha Bána – White Blossoms creative process in a special web page. We hope you will enjoy reading about the process, witnessing early musical and visual footage, and tracing the development of the ideas, from seed to flower, here: Blátha Bána – White Blossoms



Gile na Gealaí – Melody of the Moon : theatre for the very young!

Graffiti Theatre Company, Cork, was proud to present our latest production for very young audiences in June 2015.

Gile na Gealaí – Melody of the Moon is a beautiful and gentle piece of sensory theatre for the very young (0-3) and their adults. It weaves the story of the impossible love of a Fisherman for the beautiful Moon.

Draíocht agus drámaíocht ar thóraíocht na gealaí … tar linn ar thuras fileata trí fhuaimeanna agus íomhánna thar sáile is spéire. 

 As soon as they walk in the door, the children enter into a world of sounds and images. The world of the Fisherman’s harbour, watched over by the faraway Moon in her clouds where from the Fisherman sails his boat over the silver sea and the Moon descends from a Renaissance sky.  There is no spoken language: he sings in English and she in Irish – their words and worlds can never meet.

Devised by the same creative team as the successful Blátha Bána – White BlossomsGile na Gealaí has been developed by Graffiti Theatre Company over the past two years, including a special residency with New Visions New Voices at the Kennedy Centre, Washington 2014.

Cruthaithe don lucht féachana is óige (0-3 bliain) ag an bhfoireann ealaíon chéanna a chruthaigh Blátha Bána, bhí Gile na Gealaí le breathnú i Graffiti Theatre i Mí an Mheithimh.

Performances for groups from Childcare Settings  took place through out June and performances for families took place as part of Cork Midsummer Festival on 12th, 13th 14th and 19th, 20th, 21st June. See also http://www.corkmidsummer.com/programme/event/gile-na-gealai-melody-of-the-moon 



Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta

We have also created links with Forbairt Naíonraí Teo. – bíonn ceardlanna á reachtáil againn freisin i gcomhar le FNT.

Contact Síle at sile@graffiti.ie for more information.