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Join us online to learn how to explore a text and conduct an interview.  Through three facilitated workshops, a selected group of young readers will learn how to analyse a text, express opinions and generate questions.

They will then have the opportunity to ask those questions to the writer!

The books and writers we have chosen for discussion are:
Meat Market by Juno Dawson
Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan
Flying Tips for Flightless Birds by Kelly McCaughrain

These workshops are FREE and part of READ ON. They are run in partnership with  West Cork Music and Graffiti Theatre Company.

To take part, email with your name and age and we’ll be in touch with you. Closing date to take part is Friday 10th of April 2020.

READ ON is undertaken with the support of
the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Arts Council


READ ON is undertaken with the support of

the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Arts Council


Generation Revolution by Raymond Scannell

Monday 21st November – Friday 9th December 2016

Generation Revolution 3


Graffiti Theatre Company is delighted to announce details of their specially commissioned production Generation Revolution – Raymond Scannell’s new, exciting and provocative play. Generation Revolution is a quirky take on rebellion, inheritance and identity. It is where magic realism and history blend.
What is ‘a rebel’? What is a ‘rebel act’? And what happens to the children of the revolution, to those who inherit the legacy?
Eleanor (Fiona Lucia McGarry) is a rebel – against family, against school, society norms, against everything. Given a book written by the daughter of Terence MacSweeney, she sets off on a gothic quest for answers to her questions.

Directed by Emelie FitzGibbon with an original soundscore, digital mapping and projection by Cormac O’Connor, set design by Olan Wrynn and costume design by Deidre Dwyer, Generation Revolution is a theatre experience not to be missed. Suitable for audiences 15 years +


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Gíle na Gealaí – Melody of the Moon


Gile na Gealaí – Melody of the Moon : theatre for the very young!


Graffiti Theatre Company, Cork, is proud to present our latest production for very young audiences in June.

Gile na Gealaí – Melody of the Moon is a beautiful and gentle piece of sensory theatre for the very young (0-3) and their adults. It weaves the story of the impossible love of a Fisherman for the beautiful Moon.


Draíocht agus drámaíocht ar thóraíocht na gealaí … tar linn ar thuras fileata trí fhuaimeanna agus íomhánna thar sáile is spéire. 


As soon as they walk in the door, the children enter into a world of sounds and images. The world of the Fisherman’s harbour, watched over by the faraway Moon in her clouds where from the Fisherman sails his boat over the silver sea and the Moon descends from a Renaissance sky.  There is no spoken language: he sings in English and she in Irish – their words and worlds can never meet.


Devised by the same creative team as the successful Blátha Bána – White Blossoms, Gile na Gealaí has been developed by Graffiti Theatre Company over the past two years, including a special residency with New Visions New Voices at the Kennedy Centre, Washington 2014.


Cruthaithe don lucht féachana is óige (0-3 bliain) ag an bhfoireann ealaíon chéanna a chruthaigh Blátha Bána, beidh Gile na Gealaí le breathnú i Graffiti Theatre i Mí an Mheithimh.


Performances for groups from Childcare Settings will take place on 1st -18th June (Monday-Thursday) at 10am and 12 noon. Bookings through Graffiti Theatre on 021 4397111 or email


Performances for families will take place as part of Cork Midsummer Festival on 12th, 13th 14th and 19th, 20th, 21st June at 10am and 12 noon. Bookings through Cork Midsummer Festival on or telephone 021 4215131.


All performances take place in Graffiti Theatre, Assumption Road, Cork. Tickets €5. Booking is essential as space is limited.



March 2015


The grand stretch in the evenings is not quite long enough to accommodate all the projects that are happening at Graffiti at the moment!


Foremost on this week’s agenda is Activate Youth Theatre’s production of Success by Nick Drake – performing in the Graffiti Theatre this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm. We wish the whole team GREAT Success indeed with it!

Meanwhile rehearsals are starting soon for Good Stuff by Physically Phishy Youth Theatre – which will be presented in May.


The team of After Dark by Mike Kenny has packed away the funfair for now. It was a delightful tour, with excellent audience reviews. Big congratulations to everyone involved – the wonderful cast of Cora Fenton, Tadhg Hickey and Sonya O’Donoghue, Production Manager Claire O’Connell and the whole creative team – Emelie FitzGibbon (Director), Deirdre Dwyer (Set and Costume Design), Cormac O’Connor (Sound Design) Eoin Winning (Lighting Design). Thanks also to the marvellous Ger FitzGibbon for his photography. The links are available on the After Dark page to the inspiring Teacher Book, compiled by Karen Kelleher.


The BEAG Project has just entered its next phase, with a brand new set of integrated arts encounters for the very young now travelling out to Early Childcare Settings across Cork city and county. Over the next few months the BEAG artists will shine their lights (literally – there are lots of torches involved in these particular sessions!) on the children and childcare workers who are their partners in this project. We will update the Early Years page on the website with more information again soon.


The Outreach Team of workshop facilitators has been travelling to schools far and wide – recently completing the UCC+ workshops for first and second years in 26 DEIS schools. They will be back on the road in mid April with the CIT workshop programmes “You Get What You Give” for transition year students.


Graffiti as Gaeilge was also out with workshops in the past few weeks – Ceardlanna an Chéid is a series of investigative drama workshops for sixth classes commemorating – and questioning – the events of one hundred years ago in Ireland. This is a programme which we hope to roll out over the next few seasons, side by side with the Decade of Centenaries events all over the country.


Preparations are well underway for the new production for Early Years, the magical experience of Gile na Gealaí-Melody of the Moon, which will be presented to our tiniest of audiences in June. This piece – like Blátha Bána – is designed for 0-3 year olds and their adults. It is an immersive, full sensory experience, built by the same creative team as Blátha Bána. We really look forward to turning the theatre upstairs into the world of Gile na Gealaí, stretching from the sea to the moon in the sky!




February 2015 – Graffiti Theatre Company Spring News


This bright cold Spring weather is the perfect backdrop for the busy hum of several projects and productions by Graffiti Theatre Company.


We are very excited to be starting rehearsals for Mike Kenny’s charming play, After Dark, which will be playing in Graffiti Theatre and in schools throughout March. This piece takes a look at how a familiar setting can look entirely different when the lights are out. It plays with stories and storytelling – and the delicious thrill of believing the stories! Directed by Emelie FitzGibbon, this production brings together an excellent cast and crew – designed by Deirdre Dwyer and with a sound design by Cormac O’Connor, it features Tadhg Hickey, Cora Fenton and Sonya O’Donoghue. As well as school audiences during the week, we really look forward to welcoming family audiences on Saturdays in March. The play is suitable for children aged 5-8.


Meanwhile, planning continues for Gile na Gealaí-Melody of the Moon, the second of our large scale productions for very small people! Re-uniting the creative team behind Blátha Bána-White Blossoms, this new piece is a tale of love and longing, charting the story of a fisherman’s quest for the beautiful moon. This piece, in development now for two years, was part of the New Visions, New Voices programme at the Kennedy Centre in Washington last year, and hopes to have its world première in Graffiti Theatre in May 2015. Gile na Gealaí is designed for children aged 0-3 and their adults.


The Outreach Department is as busy as usual, with workshops in schools and our two vibrant Youth Theatres in full flow. Activate Youth Theatre’s Spring production, Success, will be on the Graffiti Theatre stage at the end of March and Physically Phishies are working on their production for a little later in the year.


The BEAG Project is in the middle of its third (and biggest yet!) phase, with a team of five artists working creatively together in a range of Early Childcare settings around Cork. This unique project pioneered an integrated arts practice with the very young – committed to high aesthetic values across the range of art forms represented, the BEAG artists work with the childcare staff and the children themselves to ensure that beauty and creativity are given the opportunity to flourish in the childcare settings. The team of artists is currently in a training and development phase, cooking up new ideas to share with their tiny partners very soon.


Humming in the background of all of this activity are various other projects – new workshops for schools, commissions and collaborations, plots and plans. Spring is in the air!

March 2014

Activate Youth Theatre present Promise by Meg Barker at The Graffiti Theatre, Assumption Road, Blackpool, Cork.   Performances at 8pm on 10th, 11th & 12th April.  Tickets 021 4397111 – €10  &  €8 (conc.)  This charming play tells the story of a town haunted by events which took place 10 years previously and how one young person sets out to  overcome the stigma attached to the town.1ActivatePromise1 070web

February 2014

Graffiti Theatre Company is delighted to present Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? at the Half Moon Theatre of Cork Opera House!


Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? by Angela Betzien Australia’s foremost writer for teenage audiences. Specially commissioned by Graffiti Theatre Company Cork, its quirky graphic novel style weaves stark urban reality with the mythic underworld of the dead. Against this grim backdrop the young hero, Frank Sparrow, must face dangers and trials, overcome weakness, find romance and face death in an action packed hour long performance.

Where in the Word is Frank Sparrow? enjoyed a very successful run in 2012, in the Graffiti Theatre. This year Graffiti are very pleased to announce its run of Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? in The Half Moon Theatre, Cork Opera House.

With an outstanding cast, (Shane Casey, Cora Fenton, Tadhg Hickey, Dominic MacHale & Aideen Wylde) original soundscore (Cormac O’Connor) and evocative set and lighting (Eoin Winning), Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? Is a theatre experience (for 13+ years) not to be missed.

Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? Performs in the Half Moon Theatre, Cork Opera House from  Tuesday 25th February – Saturday 8th March (Matinée & Evening performances).  For more information please contact Cork Opera House 021 4270022 or