Anti-bullying Programme

This programme is delivered over two academic years and  consists of five to six workshops carried out over a two year period to 5th and 6th class in primary schools and 1st and 2nd years in post primary schools.

Tackle the Moment

This is the first workshop in the anti-bullying series and it sets out to expand the vocabulary the students use to express their emotions.  It investigates their emotional intelligence and asks the students to negotiate solutions to handling bullying situations within the school community.

Probably the Best School in the World

Using various dramatic games we involve the students in the design and function of the Best School in the World, we then add a bullying problem to this fantastic environment and watch how it changes even the Best School in the World.

Say Something

This drama workshop endeavours to develop the voice of the student to  speak out against bullying within their class.  It investigates the problem from all aspects and examines the role of the victim, the bully and the bystander.

Domino Effect

During the course of this drama workshop the students explore the idea of  themselves  as an autonomous group with zero tolerance regarding bullying.  The class then draw up a charter of  ‘United Notions’ which states what rights individuals have as members of their class/community.


Is bullying simply confined to school or is it a community problem?  This drama workshop looks at situations within the larger community which reflect on the situation with the school system.

Moving On

Using drama this  workshop focuses on the fears, delights, and new situations surrounding the move into post primary education.  What would a student like to take with them and what would they prefer to leave behind?

If you are based in Munster or South Leinster and would be interested in talking to us about our Outreach work, please contact Geraldine O’Neill, Outreach Director, Graffiti Theatre Co., or email .