Anti-Racism Workshop

Blueland Yellowland

The “Foreigners are Mad” Game is for 10 year olds and upwards. It is extremely interesting and great fun for everyone. It takes place in two countries – Yellow land and Blue land. It is designed to bring home the difficulties of living in a foreign country where everything appears strange although the “foreignness” is, in fact, normal to its inhabitants. Everyone has the opportunity to experience the feelings of being a stranger in a foreign country and to report on these feelings. This workshop is recommended to schools interested in the issue of racism. The de-briefing discussion involves looking at how to change attitudes and develop an appreciation of diverse cultures.

If you are based in Munster or South Leinster and would be interested in talking to us about our Outreach work, please contact Geraldine O’Neill, Outreach Director, Graffiti Theatre Co., or email .