Drama Skills Workshop Programme

Transition Year Programme
Duration of each workshop: 90 minutes

Week 1.

Through a series of drama exercises and games we will draw up a contract  of  behaviour and begin the process of engaging as a group in the development of an agreed drama programme.  We will commence with basic improvisation  exercises and games.

Week 2.

Continuing on from the previous workshop the students will be introduced to longer improvisations and begin to work in small groups  with very short scripts.  They will also get an opportunity to explore different dramatic genres.

Week 3.

During this workshop we will look at characterisation through a series of  drama exercises.  We will investigate body language and architypal characters and devise short scenes using these characters.

Week 4.

This workshop will focus on status and how it operates in the world of drama and also in the real world.  We will observe how characters display their status and how  status changes when situations change.

Week 5.

Each student will create a character from a body outline on the floor and bring it to life on the stage.  They will also develop a monologue for this character.

Week 6.

Continuing  on from the previous week’s workshop we will begin to piece together a format for the presentation of these characters.

Week 7.

Each scene will be outlined and developed.  We will try out examples of different types of dramatic presentation e.g. promenade, in the round etc. We will decide how exactly we will present our work.

Week 8,9,10.

During the following weeks we will work together to define the structure of our presentation.  This may be in the form of  a video or it may be a play this will depend on the feedback from the students and their confidence.

This is the outline structure for the programme.  We are aware that the progress of each workshop will be determined by the group and their engagement with same.  We will endeavour to develop their creativity, acting, improvisation and devising skills and to build their self-confidence through the understanding gained by entering into this programme.

If you are based in Munster or South Leinster and would be interested in talking to us about our Outreach work, please contact Geraldine O’Neill, Outreach Director, Graffiti Theatre Co., or email geraldine@graffiti.ie .