UCC Plus + Drama Programme

At the request of UCC,  Graffiti took over the drama element of the Plus+ Programme in 2002.  The workshops take place in 29 schools throughout Cork and Kerry.  The programme aims to encourage and support young people to focus on the possibility of entering third level education.  This programme is designed  to achieve clear aims and objectives through the delivery of three to nine hours of quality drama practice to each school.

Sabotage Workshop

Age Group – 1st year
This drama workshop looks at how students sabotage their chances of realising their ambitions at this crucial time in their education.  It explores their strengths and how these attributes might influence their career choices. It informs students of  the benefits of being part of the U.C.C. Access Programme.

DNA Workshop – Delete Negative Attitude

Age Group – 2nd year
The workshop requires the students, through a series of drama exercises and games,  to consider themselves as individuals who must now make subject/career choices which suit their skills and personality. They also learn more about the advantages of being part of the  U.C.C. Plus + Programme.

If you are based in Munster or South Leinster and would be interested in talking to us about our Outreach work, please contact Geraldine O’Neill, Outreach Director, Graffiti Theatre Co., or email geraldine@graffiti.ie .