Theatre Specs & Equipment

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Lighting & Sound Inventory
Description Make Qty
Cantata Fresnel Strand 6
Cantata Barndoor Strand 6
Quartet Fresnel Strand 12
Quartet Barndoor Strand 12
Source 4 Junior Zoom Etc 12
Par 64 Parcan Thomas 12
Par 64 Bulb   12
Coda Flood Strand 10
24/48 Series 200 Control Strand 1


Sound Equipment
Description Make Qty
Dedicated Sound Mac iBook with Ableton 7.0 with External Sound Card Apple 1
Outline Amp D43K 1
500w Outline Speakers Speakon Compatible 2
220w (Linked) Outline Speakers Speakon Compatible 4
140w Amped Speakers (Touring Kit Accepting Stereo Jacks & XLR) JBL 4
OIV96V2 Sound Desk With Monitors Yamaha 1
Limited number of mikes also available including 4 x Radio Mikes    

For more information please contact Graffiti‘s General Manager, Jennifer O’Donnell on 021 4397111 or email