Walking Man by Jody O'Neill

Walking Man

Walking Man is a charming allegory, which will captivate its audience.

Walking Man tells the tale of a man who has spent his whole life in pursuit of success.  He has always rushed headlong through life, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps to the best job on the top floor of the tallest building in the whole city. And when he has done all that, with Walking Woman and little Walking Baby at his side, something doesn’t feel quite right. Walking Man must go on an entirely new journey, which takes him far from his way back home.

Walking Man is a charming allegory, which will captivate its audience. With the help of an original live music score, the actor brings us into the world of the Walking Man, a small wooden puppet.  The world may be in miniature but the story is universal.

The Aims of the Programme:

  • To explore issues of kindness and empathy;
  • To develop listening and observational skills;
  • To nurture a sense of balance and mindfulness;
  • To explore the individual in relation to society;
  • To play with Shadows!

Playing requirements:

Please note: we can give your school the exciting opportunity to attend a performance in our fully equipped Theatre on Assumption Road. The workshop in this instance will involve imaginative use of the neighbouring gardens and park.

Playing requirements for performance in school.

  • Exclusive access to a hall or gym to accommodate a performance and audience space of at  least  6m x 6m x 3m.
  • Access to this area at least 1 hour before the beginning of the programme and 1 hour after the   performance.
  • Access to electric sockets in this area.
  • A teacher to be present during the performance and workshop in accordance with Child Safety  Guidelines and for insurance purposes.

Cost of the Programme:

€130 per performance and €70 for a second performance on the same day.

For more information & for booking: Tel: 021 4397111 or email: bookings@graffiti.ie.

The Programme:

The programme is designed for 6-9 year olds (1st/2nd & 3rd classes) and performs to one class at a time (up to a maximum of 35 students). The accompanying Resource Pack and workshop will, as usual, link carefully with the curriculum across a range of subject areas. It will be in production from 9th – 27th May.