Blatha Bana ~ White Blossoms: visual, aural and narrative excerpts from the play.

Outside the space there is the transitional area and a tree. The tree is on the right of the doorway as it faces the transitional space. It overhangs a small hump-backed bridge at the entrance to the space. There are blossoms. The transitional area is welcoming and lit.

Music plays.

The audience area (less than half of the oval) has seating for 15 children and their adults.

When the music has established, Una emerges from inside the tent and comes over the bridge. She carries a jug and tends to the Tree and various blossoms. As 'Ag Imirt' reaches a concluding drone, she notices the children.

Inside the space the landscape is traversed by a running stream and surrounded by an oval of blue/white drapes suspended on a metal frame. The metal frame has one crossbar for lifts and drops.

She explores the tree and its blossoms. She finds the butterfly.

She washes her hands in the stream, first her left hand, then swaps the jug to her left hand and washes her right hand. Looks to the audience, she is enjoying this. So, at first, she doesn't see the entrance of the first swan.

A swan appears and swims along the stream. Una notices him. She looks to audience. 'What's this. How delightful'. She watches the swan. She takes him up in her arms.

The same happens with the next two Swans. Una playfully greets the swans and cuddles them, sharing her delight with the audience.

She looks at the swans. 'I know you won't like it but I'm going to wash your faces!' She washes each one, keeping her left hand in the water to animate the swans. She dries them with a blue cloth, replacing them close together on upstage bank of stream.

A blossom drops from Tree B DSR. Una looks to it. She looks to the audience. She puts the jug down SC. She goes and gathers the blossom. She knows it's time.

She notices the fish in the stream. Looks. She gets the swans to see. She places the two swans on the DS side of Tree B, just right of centre. She picks up the jug.

Una scoops the water up once, twice, and in a third attempt catches the fish.

She places the Fish Jug by the Swans (on inset light).

She playfully shows the Fish to the swans.

Snow begins to flutter down from the overhead SC. Una is distracted by it and drawn to it. Swan looks up into the snow.

She looks. Then, with her back to the audience, she slips into the cloak. The lining should not be revealed at this point. Looks. She goes back to the Swan, picks him up and cuddles him.

Una then stands up and opens her cloak to reveal gold shimmering material.

A star is lowered from the truss above where the Swan was placed. Una watches it. She blows a kiss towards it on the third vocalisation of "star".

'Blátha' sounds from within the performance area. Una responds and waves goodbye as she goes back in.

She closes the tent 'door' behind her.

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