Blátha Bána ~ White Blossoms

Una Kirwan – Devising, Performer


The most special aspect of Blatha Bana – White Blossoms lies in being invited work with a  vision that was evident, strong and present from the beginning and watching it blossom fully into a magical piece of theatre..

Fiona Kelleher - Devising, Music Composer, Musician


I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the work and sitting alongside directors, designers and actors of the highest calibre who display an incredibe vision and commitment to the project is totally inspiring.

Deirdre Dwyer – Devising, Set and Costume Designer and Maker


I have never worked on a show with such a long process, that time and space enriched my work and my experience of making this piece.

Eoin Winning – Lighting Designer


The idea of care for the young audience throughout the process was new and interesting. The task was to use lighting to create a safe and beautiful space rather than necessarily a dramatic one.

Síle Ní Bhroin - Devising, Director


Léirigh Blátha Bána-White Blossoms dom go bhfuil aire agus am ag croílár na hoibre seo. Bhí tréimhse ama idir gach cuid den phróiséas, am dúinn go léir análú, machnamh a dhéanamh agus bheith leis na smaointe. Lig sé seo dúinn aire a thabhairt do gach uile ghné den eispéaras - ealaíon, praicticiúlacht, fís agus fuinneamh.

The qualities that I feel are most resonant in the process of Blátha Bána - White Blossoms are time and attention. Each phase of development had its dream time, its breathing time, its reflection time. This allowed us to pay careful attention to every aspect of the experience - from artistic to practical, from visionary to energetic.

Emelie FitzGibbon – Devising, Director


Blátha Bána was a unique artistic experience because of the time given to an  inspirational team to interrogate the 'rightness' of every detail of the production. It was an extraordinary journey of shared aesthetic discovery

Olan Wrynn – Design Consultant, Production Manager, Set Builder


It was a pleasure to have the time and space to properly and thoroughly craft a piece of theatre.

Anthony Hanley – Stage Manager


The most special thing for me was getting the opportunity to work with such a talented, professional and creative team. It was also wonderful presenting it to the public who gave us such wonderful reviews as 'a fish! a fish!', 'there were 2 swans & a rabbit'.

Ferdia and Cu Chulainn Fish – Goldfish performers


Glug, Glug, Glug.

Jennifer O’Donnell - General Manager


The building was full of feathers, blossoms, goldfish and swans. It was fantastic.

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  • Bridge Builder: Joe Stockdale
  • Set Engineering, Design Consultant: Tim Crowley
  • Photography: Ger FitzGibbon
  • Recording: Fiona Kelleher & Jim Murray with Donncha Moynihan at the Rise Studios
  • Buíochas le: Mick Hurley, Stephen Manning, Marcus Costello, Cara Morissey-Gleeson, Fiona Keane, Anthony O'Dwyer, Ciarán Ruby, the BEAG integrated arts team.

Special thanks to Jennifer O'Donnell-Turner for her leap of faith!

Graffiti Theatre Company:

  • Artistic Director: Emelie FitzGibbon
  • General Manager: Jennifer O’Donnell
  • Associate Director: Síle Ní Bhroin
  • Outreach Director: Geraldine O’Neill
  • Administrative Assistant: Christine Callanan

The initial development phase of this production was funded by the Arts Office of Cork City Council.

Arts Council Fund Theatre Foras Na Gaeilge City Council

This production is kindly supported by The Arts Council, Cork City Council, Foras na Gaeilge