Creative Learning


Drama & Theatre as an art, a way of learning, and a socialising activity.

The work of the Creative Learning Dept. consists in the running of two Youth Theatres, the development and facilitation of a large programme of drama workshops which endeavour to meet the needs of immediate community organisations and the formal education sector.

Our Creative Learning Dept. has developed into a resource for young people’s theatre and drama and is constantly called upon to advise on the setting up of youth theatres, transition year drama programmes, the training and mentorship of young drama facilitators and directors. In accordance with one of our earliest stated aims “We recognise that we have become a resource which can provide professional skills and competencies in specialist drama and theatre to young people, to those who work with them in the formal and informal education system and to theatre artists working in the discipline”.

We are supported by The Arts Council and Cork City Council in our endeavour to allow our Outreach Dept. to become proactive in the development of specialist programmes which meet the growing need of young people to be involved in drama/theatre as an art, a way of learning, and a socialising activity.