The Shape Of A Girl by Joan MacLeod

Shape Of A Girl

'An engaging and emotionally assured performance' Irish Theatre Magazine

The Shape of a Girl

by Joan MacLeod

‘We did a good job. Even Sophie hates Sophie.’

The Shape of a Girlis an internationally renowned play for teenagers. It looks at the topic of bullying where the danger of going too far is always present and asks ‘Where do you draw the line?’ ‘When do you need to do something?’

Against the background of a real-life murder trial played out on television and in the newspapers, Braidie tries to find the words to face up to her own behaviour. But is she too, like the killers, ‘A girl in the shape of a monster. A monster in the shape of a girl’?

The Programme: The programme of work (Performance, Workshop and Teacher Resource Material) is specially designed for Second Year to Transition Year classes and performs to two classes at a time (up to a maximum of 65 students). This programme has been designed to link with three specific areas of the curriculum, SPHE, CSPE and English, to coincide with curriculum planning and to offer active-learning ideas that can be used to explore the idea of power-structures, group-dynamics and self-knowledge. Cross-curricular links are also made with Art and Drama.

We are very much aware of time constraints on teaching hours. However, we feel that this production will ultimately enhance the individual teacher’s classroom work on such vital issues as:

  • the realities of teenage relationships;
  • aggression and codes of behaviour (bullying);
  • tacit complicity and emotional truth.

To assist teachers in their class work with the issues raised in the programme, we provide a fully comprehensive teaching pack, free of charge, with each performance booked. The 2 hour programme will take place in Graffiti’s premises in Blackpool, Cork (see our location map) and will play to a maximum of 65 students. This production is available to schools in October. For further information, pricing and booking please telephone: 021 4397111 or email:

Teachers’ Resource Pack